Charles Klock - Personal Profile

Born in Beaumont TX  

Early years spent in Washington LA (1957-60)

Longtime resident of Southeast Texas

Graduate of French High School, Beaumont TX (1973)

Lamar University, Beaumont & Orange TX  (1974, 1994)

Eleventh Street Baptist Church (1974-1978)

Baptist Bible Translators Institute - Bowie TX  (1978-1980)

Baptist Bible Translator's Institute (Staff) - Duncan OK  (1980-1984)

Bible Baptist Church - (Staff)  Duncan, OK  (1982-1984)

Charity Baptist Church - Beaumont TX  (1984-1994)

Grace Bible Fellowship - Vidor-Mauriceville TX  (1994-Present)

Hobbies: Travel, Yard work, saltwater fishing, computing & technology

Family: Married, two married daughters, two grandchildren



My Conversion

My father was a minister yet I did not  understand the grace of God. Nor did I understand who Jesus was or what He did at Calvary. Sincerely religious, yet lost, I sought assurance of salvation in ever-changing feelings.  My father preached in a small non-denominational church in Washington Louisiana. I was raised attending church. My life revolved around church. From others point of view, my attendance at church, my discipline to observe Christian values must have meant that I was a Christian. But while exposed to Christian values and experiences, and while I sometimes acted the part I had no idea what Christianity was. I was simply the son of a man who was a Christian. 

It was not until I was almost twenty years old that I begin to question my relationship with the God of the Bible. I was attending Eleventh Street Baptist Church in Beaumont TX.. The minister's (Lester Hutson) logic and preaching was compelling and for the first time in my life, clear. The minister argued convincingly, and clearly from scripture. He built his assertions from scripture alone. In time God's Spirit began to convince me of my personal guilt and my need of Christ. I became aware of sin and sin's penalty, and was certain that my death would mean my immediate and eternal separation from God. I rightly deserved sin's penalty eternal death.
Unsettling fear gripped my heart and I could not rest nor find any peace. I needed certain answers to assure my anxious heart. Many months went by as I struggled. I had no assurance that I was right with God. My conscience condemned me, and the tormenting accusations of a guilty heart smothered me every moment of every day. I could not escape the fearful thoughts of eternal separation from God in hell.  I prayed. I talked to people who I hoped could help me. I read books. I found no relief. I simply did not understand how God could remove the guilt of my sinful soul and release me from the condemnation I rightly deserved. No man could open my eyes to the truth.

The concept of Grace was something I knew nothing of. I thought, I must surely do something to appease and please God.  One day I bought a book entitled "GRACE". It was written by a man named Lewis Sperry Chafer. I read and by God's grace came to understand that grace is not given to men because of something they do, nor will God withhold it because of something they fail to do. Grace is a gift that is given freely.  I saw with clarity that Christ death on the cross was God's gift to me. He freely gave himself in death so that I and all men might have life. He has offered this gift to the world (unto all) and it is given to those who received (upon all) it by faith alone.  
When I finally understood and believed that God's Son died for my sin I stopped trying to save myself. Jesus death was enough to satisfy God. It was finished, my salvation was accomplished 2000 years ago at the cross, the handwriting of ordinances that were against me had been nailed to the cross.  The day I believed in Christ I was born again. Hope in my heart soared, faith was certain, love abounded, joy overflowed, I was a new creature. A new hatred for my personal sin and a  love for Christ righteousness grew in my heart. A desire to understand and know God unfolded. I felt like a dry sponge soaking up the water of divine life.  

Following this life changing conversion to Christ at age twenty one, I began to be fed by the Word of God by various men the Lord brought into my life. God used simple, sinful men who had walked the walk of faith longer than I, to give me direction. Lester Hutson, Edgar McNeely, Bob Ganote, Ted Rice, Milton Hatton, George Anderson, Wayne Hill, Paul Henderson, Bill Jackson, and many others all contributed in their time to my growth in grace.  

God placed within my heart a strong desire to attend Bible College. So in August of 1978 I quit my job at the Post Office in Beaumont Texas and moved my young family moved to Bowie Texas to attend Baptist Bible Translator's Institute. After six years serving the Lord in North Texas and Oklahoma we returned in 1984 to the church (Charity Baptist Church) which had sent us out, and sought to serve Christ among them. I continued to grow under the ministry of my pastor Gary Sprinkle. His personal example and commitment to expository preaching provided direction for my life. Gary was a positive example of Christ likeness that I had needed to see. We served together for many years and enjoyed each others company. Gary was my closest friend.

In 2000 after serving our church for 22 years Pastor Gary Sprinkle resigned and moved to Dallas TX. The transition from lay leader to pastor was a bumpy one. Although I was very inexperienced at pastoral ministry the members of the church stood with me, prayed for me, encouraged me as I served as their minister. In time the work of the ministry has become my greatest joy. My desire is to provide the church with the biblical teaching, and personal example to see each member serving Christ to their fullest potential. 
Charles Klock

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