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1611 Holy Bible Reader KJV  
2010 Popular Quotations
4 Gospels  
95 THESES - Martin Luther  
A Life That is Real  
All of Grace  
Augustine on Faith and Love  
Bible Characters
Bible Studies for Small Groups_1  
Bible Studies for Small Groups_2  
Bible Studies for Small Groups_3  
Bible Studies for Small Groups_4  
Bible Study Methods  
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Calvin Institutes  
Calvin on Prayer  
Christian Life  
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Easton's Bible Dictionary  
Ephesians' - Charles Hodge  
Faith's Checkbook  
Foundations for Discipleship  
FOXES Book Of Martyr's  
Grace Abounding - John Bunyan 
Great Commission  
Help people in Need  
Its All About Who You Know  
John Wesley  
Journey to Palestine  
Justification by Faith - John Owen  
Life Story of Charles Spurgeon  
Making Disciples  
Master's Plan of Evangelism 
Mathew Henry's Commentary 
Meeting God Changes Your Life  
Morning & Evening Devotional  
No Guess work  
Now What  
Passion of Christ 1  
Passion of Christ 2  
Passion of Christ 3  
Passion of Christ 4  
Prevailing Prayer What Hinders It  
Proof Jesus is God  
Royal Priesthood  
Salvation by Faith Proved  
Scriptural Home  
The Godly man  
The Godly Woman  
The Letters to the Seven Churches  
The Life of Adam Clark  
The Life of D.L. Moody  
The Pilgrim's Progress  
The Saint's Everlasting Rest  
Understanding Your Bible  
Why Sunday  
Word Studies in the New Testament - VOL 1-2  
Word Studies in the New Testament - VOL 3-4 



Sermon Outlines 

Abiding in Christ - John 15
Abiding in Christ - 1
Abiding in Christ - 2
Abiding in Christ - 3
Abiding in Christ - 4
Abiding in Christ - 5

Abiding in Christ - 6

Abiding in Christ   7

Abiding in Christ - 8

Abiding in Christ - 9


Acting on the Good News

The Preacher of the Good News

The Promise and Person of the Good News

The Provision, Proclamation, Privilege, and Purpose of the Good News

Marks of True Spiritual Service--Part 1

Marks of True Spiritual Service--Part 2

Marks of True Spiritual Service--Part 3


Advice to a Young Disciple

Advice to a Young Disciple

Advice to a Young Disciple

Advice to a Young Disciple

Advice to a Young Disciple






Between a Rock and a Hard Place - Dan. 1

The Rise and Fall of the World - Dan. 2:31-40

Faith and the Furnace - Dan. 3:1-30

How Are the Mighty Fallen! - Dan.  4:1-37       

The Hand of God in History - Daniel 5:1-31

The Deliverance of Daniel and Darius - Dan. 6

Daniels Disturbing Dream - Daniel 7:1-28

The Ram, the Goat, and the Horn - Daniel 8

Daniels Prayer of Petition - Daniel 9:16-19

Danielís Prayer and Gabrielís Proclamation Daniel 9:1-27



Standing Alone in The Gap

Boot Camp at Cherith

Advanced Training at Zarephath

Standing in the Shadow of God

The God Who Answers by Fire

A Man of God A God of Promises

Gods Sure Cure for the Blues

When God Says That's Enough

Watch Out for the Enemy

A No Death Contract




The Salutation

The Body Formed in Eternity Past

The Elements of the Body

The Body Formed in Eternity Past

Redemption Through His Blood - Part 1

Redemption Through His Blood - Part 2

Divine Inheritance Guaranteed

Our Resources in Christ

Coming Alive in Christ

Salvation is by Love

Unity in Christ - Part 1

Unity in Christ - Part 2

Access to God 

Closing Summary 

The Mystery Revealed

This Land is Our Land

Ephesians 3:1-13  

The Plan of the Mystery

The Spirit's Power

The Prayer for the Impossible

 The Lowly Walk

Building the Body of Christ

The Progression of God

Off with the Old, On with the New

The Walk of the New Self - Part 1

The Walk of the New Self - Part 2

Principles of New Life

The Plea

The Pattern

The Perversion

The Punishment

Living in Light

Walking in Wisdom - Part 1

Walking in Wisdom - Part 2

The Lord's Purposes

Do Not Get Drunk with Wine

Guidelines for Christians

Be Filled with the Spirit - Part 1

Be Filled with the Spirit - Part 2

Living in the Spirit

The Consequences of Being Filled - Part 1

The Consequences of Being Filled - Part 2

The Necessary Foundation

The Role and Priorities of the Wife

The Role of the Husband

The Priorities of the Husband

The Responsibilities of Children and Parents

The Responsibilities of Children and Parents

SpiritĖFilled Labor Relations

The Believerís Warfare

The Believerís ArmoróPart 1

The Believerís ArmoróPart 2

The Breastplate of Righteousness

Feet Shod with the Gospel

The Believerís ArmoróPart - Part 3

The Helmet of Salvation

The Sword of the Spirit













Apostates Be Warned 



The Coming Judgment on Apostates


Sermons/Jude/10 - Survival Strategy for Apostate Times.doc

Sermons/Jude/11 - Survival Strategy for Apostate Times.doc



Laws of the Harvest

We Reap Only What Has Been Sown

We Reap the Same in Kind as we Sow

We Reap In a Different Season Than We Sow

We Reap More Than We Sow

We Reap In Proportion to What We Sow

We Reap the Full Harvest

We Canít Change Last Years Harvest





















































































































































































Believers Chapel

Believers Baptism
It is Finished
Justification By Faith
Marks Of A Christian Marriage
Principles NT Church
The Meeting Of The Church
The Millennial Controversy
The Virgin Birth
What Denomination Are You  

Elders Shopnotes


Studies in 1 Timothy, by Chuck Gianotti

First Things First, 6:6

Watching Over The Teaching, 7:1

Humble Leadership, 7:2

Connected With The Chief, 7:3

Was Paul Culturally Limited? 7:4

Why The Difference? 7:5

Desiring A Good Work, 7:6

Change and Truth, 8:1

Falling Away From Faith, 8:2

Sharpening the Blade, 8:3

Who Do You Help? 8:4

Elders Who Do Well, Part 1, 8:5

Elders Who Do Well, Part 2, 8:6


Biblical Foundations

Accountability: A Good Word, Jack Spender, 6:4

Adding More Elders, Jack Spender, 1:2

Appointment of Elders, Jack Spender, 1:1

Authority of Elders, Jack Spender, 7:5

Complementary Gifts, Jack Spender, 2:3

Discipline in the Church Pt. 1, 3:2

Discipline in the Church Pt. 2, 3:3

Elders and Spiritual Gifts, Jack Spender, 2:2

Forgiving Other Elders, Dr. Jim Rennie, 7:3

Forgiving Others, Dr. Jim Rennie, 7:4

Pastoral Eldering, Alexander Strauch, 7:2

Prayer and Ministry of the Word, 2:6

Priorities in the Church, Jack Spender, 3:1

So What? Chuck Gianotti, 3:6

Spiritual Gifts and Elders, Jack Spender, 2:5

Spiritual Gifts of Elders, Jack Spender, 2:4

Teaching in the Church, Jack Spender, 6:1

Tell Me Again, Why Am I An Elder?  5:3

The Blessing of Deacons, Jack Spender, 5:2

The First Work, Jack Spender, 1:4

The Fourth Work: Protecting, Jack Spender, 1:7

The Role of Elder, Chuck Gianotti, 3:4

The Second Work, Jack Spender, 1:5

The Third Work: Overseeing, Jack Spender, 1:6

The Work of Elders Jack Spender, 1:3

Traditions and Customs, Jack Spender, 5:5

Unconditional Forgiveness, Jack Spender, 6:3

Small & Struggling Assemblies, Jack Spender, 8:2

Urgent Word to Church Elders, Jack Spender, 6:5


Elder Qualification, Leadership Qualities,

Abiding Elders, Ross McIntee, 1:2

Being Elder or Doing Elder? Chuck Gianotti, 5:5

Empathy, Chuck Gianotti, 2:4

Going for the Glory, Chuck Gianotti, 6:4

Meditation Of Frazzle and Rest,  3:4

Personal Character, Chuck Gianotti, 2:1

Personal Discipline, Chuck Gianotti, 2:2

Procrastination and Integrity, 6:2

Relational Qualities, Chuck Gianotti, 2:3

Shepherd's Heart, Ross McIntee, 1:3

The Gift of Rebuke  Pt. 1,  4:1

The Gift of Rebuke  Pt. 2,  4:2


Leadership Principles

Accepting Criticism, Chuck Gianotti, 5:3

Accountable to God, Ron Hughes, 1:1

Administrative Skills  Pt. 1, Jack Spender, 4:2

Administrative Skills  Pt. 2, Jack Spender, 4:3

Avoiding the Crack Up, Chuck Gianotti, 6:1

Change That Counts, Leith Anderson, 4:5

Decision Making in the Church,  4:4

Decisions, Decisions, Chuck Gianotti, 1:7

Developing a Shepherd's Heart  Pt. 1,  3:1

Developing a Shepherd's Heart  Pt. 2,  3:2

Family Life of Elders, Part 1, Jack Spender, 8:5

Family Life of Elders, Part 2, Jack Spender, 8:5

God's Stewards, Jack Spender, 8:4

Getting It Across, Ron Hughes, 2:5

Getting People To Volunteer, Chuck Gianotti, 2:4

Going Deeper With People, Chuck Gianotti, 5:4

Great Leaders Accept Disagreement,  6:2

Higher Ground, Chuck Gianotti, 7:5

Honoring The Other Guys, Chuck Gianotti, 4:6

Leading Brother, Jack Spender, 8:1

Leading By Example, Ron Hughes, 1:2

Leading by Faith, Chuck Gianotti, 2:1

Leading From The Heart, Chuck Gianotti, 3:5

Leading in Music, Chuck Gianotti, 3:1

Learning from The Shepherd, Bob Lehman, 1:5

Men's Meeting, Jack Spender, 7:6

Motivation or Manipulation? Fred Smith, Sr., 4:4

Once an Elder, Always an Elder?  5:5

Psalm 23: Don't Push Too Hard!  2:1

Small Group Ministry Pt. 1, Jack Spender, 3:4

Small Group Ministry Pt. 2, Jack Spender, 3:5

Small Group Ministry Pt. 3, Jack Spender, 3:6

Small Group Ministry Pt. 4, Jack Spender, 4:1

The Care and Feeding of Volunteers,  6:3

The Church and Para-church, Arnot McIntee, 2:6

The Confidentiality Tension, Daniel H. Smith, 2:3

Visionary Leadership  Pt. 1, Chuck Gianotti, 3:3

Visionary Leadership  Pt. 2, Chuck Gianotti, 3:4

Watching For Souls, Jack Spender, 8:3

What I Want To Be When I Grow Up,  5:4

What Is Spiritual Leadership,  5:3

What, Your Church Has No Pastor?  4:5

When Elders Disagree, Chuck Gianotti, 5:1

When is it Time to Step Down? 4:3

When People Make Suggestions, 5:5

Why People Resist Change, Chuck Gianotti, 1:6

You Want To Go Where? Jim Fleming, 2:6


Practical Ministry

Are Elders Ever Wrong? Chuck Gianotti, 3:2

Arranging Ministry, Jack Spender, 3:3

Beating the Joy-Sappers, Chuck Gianotti, 6:4

Conducting a Baptism, Chuck Gianotti, 1:5

Conducting a Funeral Service, Arnot McIntee, 1:4

Elders and Women, Chuck Gianotti, 5:2

Encouraging the Sick, Chuck Gianotti, 1:2

Excellence Pt. 1, Chuck Gianotti, 4:2

Excellence in Preaching  Pt. 2, Gianotti, 4:3

Excellence in Preaching  Pt. 3, Gianotti, 4:4

Falling Through The Cracks, Jack Spender, 6:6

Fellowshipping with the sick  Pt. 2,  5:1

Filing System for Elders, 3:3

Getting Them To Come Back, 5:3

God's Purposes In Suffering, Peter Kerr, 1:6

Handling Handouts, Chuck Gianotti, 4:1

Inspiring Others, Rick Ezell, Vo1. 5, 1

John Has Gone, Arnot McIntee, 7:3

Keeping The Chain Sharp, Chuck Gianotti, 3:5

Knowing the Flock Through Visitation,  1:4

Letting God of Criticism, Chuck Gianotti, 8:1

Ministering to Widows of Elders,  5:5

Ministry That Edifies, Jack Spender, 6:2

One Minute Shepherding, Chuck Gianotti, 6:5

P.R.E.P. (Plan for daily devotional), 3:6

Plan for Recognizing New Elders,  2:2

Praying For The Sick Pt.1, Jack Spender, 4:6

Reaching Out Through Small Groups,  5:4

Shepherding Teens, Jack Spender, 2:1

Shepherding the Flock, Chuck Gianotti, 1:1

Shepherding the Sick, Chuck Gianotti, 1:3

Small Groups Revisited, Jack Spender, 7:3

Speakers Block, Chuck Gianotti, 3:3

Spinning Wheels In Elders Meetings?  2:6

Spiritual Finger-Tips, Chuck Gianotti, 4:5

Taking the Bore Out of Preaching,  2:5

The Art of Confronting People, Jack Spender, 5:3

Training Elders, Jack Spender, 7:4

We've Got Mail, Sharon Fleming, 6:2

What About Our Own Kids,  1:7

When a Man Is Ready To Be An Elder, 7:2


Recommended Reading

Basic Christian Training, by O.J. Gibson, 1:5

Billy Graham Christian Workers Handbook, 2:3

Encouragement, by Dr. Larry Crabb, 1:2

False Intimacy, Dr. Harry W. Schaumburg, 1:3

Paul: Apostle of the Heart Set Free, 3:3

The Training of the Twelve, A.B. Bruce, 1:2

When Good Men Are Tempted, 2:3


Wives Corner

A Meek and Quiet Spirit, Ruth Spender, 6:6

Accepted in the Beloved, Ruth Spender, 3:6

Accepting Our Present Season, 4:2

Are You Misunderstood, Maria Forcucci, 3:4

Becoming Characterized by Faith,  4:1

Being An Example to the Flock, Ruth Spender, 2:4

Edification: Mentoring through Exhort., 5:2

Edification: Positive Mentoring,  Vo1. 5, 1

Faith or Fear? Mary Gianotti, 2:6

Feeling Alone? Maria Forcucci, 3:5

Fruitful Words, Ruth Spender, 8:5

Gift of Listening, Mary Gianotti, 8:6

God's Holines, My Sinfulness, Mary Gianotti, 3:2

Guard Your Words, Mary Gianotti, 7:1

Harvest Time In Our Lives, Mary Gianotti, 7:6

Helper to My Elder Husband,  1:6

Helping Him Be A One-Woman Man,  2:3

Hospitality, Ruth Spender, 2:2

How Supportive Are We? Ruth Spender, 2:5

Inner Modesty, Mary Gianotti, 7:3

Listening & Responding With Godly Adv., 5:3

Loving with Discernment and Knowledge,  6:3

Low Tide Times, Encouraging Husband,  6:5

Managing Conflict, Ruth Spender, 7:5

Mentoring Women Pt 1, Mary Gianotti, 4:3

Mentoring Women: Characteristics Pt 2, 4:4

Mentoring Women: What to Teach Pt 3,  4:5

Mentoring: Biblical Examples, Ruth Rodger, 4:6

Much Charity, Mary Gianotti, 9:2

Overcoming Misconceptions, Maria Forcucci, 3:1

Penny For Your Thoughts, Ruth Spender, 3:3

Practical Hospitality, Ruth Spender, 6:1

Renewed To Serve, Ruth Spender, 5:5

Shepherding Begins at Home, Ruth Spender, 8:1

Stress!! Ruth Rodger, 7:4

Summer Distractions, Mary Gianotti, 5:4

Summer Opportunities, Ruth Spender, 6:4

Supporting in a Noble Work, Mary Gianotti, 1:7

Supporting Your Husband, Mary Gianotti, 1:1

Thankfulness, Mary Gianotti, 8:3

When Your Husband Is Criticized, 8:4

Wives Above Reproach, Mary Gianotti, 2:1

Woman of Respect, Mary Gianotti, 1:2

Woman of Temperance, Mary Gianotti, 1:3

Woman of the Summer, Mary Gianotti, 1:5

Woman of Trustworthiness, Mary Gianotti, 1:4


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