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Dr. William J. McRae was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, where he became a believer in Jesus Christ in his early teens. He is a graduate of ...

     Emmaus Bible School, 1954

     Toronto Teachers College, 1955

     Queens University, 1966

     Dallas Theological Seminary, 1970, 1983.

A former school teacher, Dr. McRae taught for two years in the public school system.

From 1966 to 1975 he was involved in pastoral and Bible teaching ministry at the following locations.

    Believers Chapel - Dallas Texas

    Renfrew, Ontario

    London, Ontario

Since 1982 he has been president of Ontario Bible College and Ontario Theological Seminary in Toronto, Canada, now known as Tyndale College and Seminary. William McRae is now president emeritus at Tyndale University College and Theological Seminary. Mr. McRae is also involved in an extensive itinerate ministry under McRae Ministries.


Dr McRae is married to Marilyn and has four adult children.


He is the author of

    The Dynamics of Spiritual Gifts (Zondervan)

    Preparing For Your Marriage (Zondervan)

    A Book To Die For (Tyndale Seminary)

    Making a Good Thing Better


 Early in my Christian life I desperately needed mature believers to provide direction and discipleship. While I would have preferred someone in my locality to provide a flesh and blood example of faithful living; finding mature, dedicated believers in my local church was difficult. In time I found in books and tapes the instruction, edification, and encouragement I needed.


The ministry of  Bill McRae and Believers Chapel  came to my life at a critical time. For years his sound, relevant and biblical teaching fed my soul. My spiritual growth was greatly aided by the ministry of Believers Chapel Tape Ministry and the many teachers that gave their vast years of experience and knowledge to Christ's church. I owe a debt of love to Mr. McRae, Lewis Johnson, and the believers at Believers Chapel in Dallas TX.


Since his ministry was such a blessing to me I wanted to use this site as an avenue to pass his teaching along. May God use this man's ministry to bless you as it has blessed me.


Charles Klock


1 Corinthians

The Church in Corinth

The basis for Godly Living

The Limitation of Human Wisdom

A Divided Church

The Riches of Divine Wisdom

Life's Greatest Discoveries

The Nature of the Spiritual Life

The Nature of Christian Ministry

The Stewards of the Gospel

The Pathway to Peace

Principles for Church Discipline

The Case Against Lawsuits

My Body, His Temple

To Marry or Not to Marry

Marriage: God's Style

What's Greater Than Marriage

The Responsibility of Christian Liberty

Finances: By the Flesh or By Faith

The Relinquishing of Rights

The Dangers of Disqualification

The Unequal Yoke

Law, Liberty, and Love

The Problem of the Head

The Lord's Supper - Part 1

The Lord's Supper - Part 2

The Lord's Supper - Part 3

The Problems with Spiritual Gifts

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Principles of Body Life

The Gifts of the Spirit

The Greatest Thing in the World

The Perfections of Love

The Permanence of Love

The Charismatic Experience Examined

The True Purpose of Tongues

The New Testament Church Meeting

The Ministry of Women

Principles of the New Testament Church - Part 1

Principles of the New Testament Church - Part 2

The Good News About Jesus Christ

If Christ Be Not Risen

What Then?

The Last Enemy - Death

Our Creed and Our Conduct

The Nature of the Resurrection Body

Concluding Words of Wisdom



Contemporary Issues

Dealing with Doubts

Depression Its Causes and Cure

A Biblical Response to the DaVinci Code

Fellowship We Were Formed For His Family

The Company Of The Committed

A Biblical Perspective on Life

Opportunity Knocks

Paul's Call to a Disciplined Life

The Christian's Highest Ambition

The Spiritual Man

The Supreme Tribute - Faithfulness

You've Got Email

Homosexuality and Suicide




Daniel in the Critics' Den

An Invasion from Outer Space

The Condition for Spiritual Enlightenment

The ABC�s of Bible Prophecy

The God Who Is Able

The Conversion of Nebuchadnezzar

The Handwriting on the Wall

Daniel in the Lion's Den

The Coming Antichrist

The Trial of the Antichrist

The Grecian Little Horn in History

The Grecian Little Horn in Prophecy

The Road to Restoration

The Mystery of the Seventy Sevens

Daniel's Unanswered Prayer

The Testimony of Fulfilled Prophecy

The Spirit of Antichrist

Armageddon Antichrists Last Stand

Three Great Spiritual Truths

The Date of Christ's Return

The Contributions of the Book of Daniel to the Canon of Scripture

Daniel, a Man Greatly Beloved





Submission - Give Me One Good Reason

The Decalogue

The Supreme Claim

Practical Principle in Pedagogy

Social Consciousness Then and Now

Responsible Leadership in the Worship of God

Two Roads and Two Destinies


Intro And Eph 1:1-5

The Riches Of His Grace Eph 1:1-10

Signed - Sealed - Delivered Eph 1:11-14

A Prayer For Enlightenment Eph 1:15-23

The Universal Church Of Jesus Christ Eph 1:22-23

The Making Of A Masterpiece Eph 2:1-10

A Peace Threatened Eph 2:11-18

Citizens - Sons - Stones Eph 2:19-22

The Church - A Great Mystery Eph 3:1

A Faithful Steward Eph 3:2-13

A Prayer For The Impossible Eph 3:14-21

Conduct Of The Child Of God Eph 4:1-6

Doctrine For Distribution Of Spiritual Gifts Eph 4:1-16

Character And Nature Of Spiritual Gifts Eph 4:7

Functions Of Spiritual Gifts Eph 4:6-16

True Conversion Eph 4:17-5:21

A Handful Of Lettuce Eph 4:25-5:2

Walk Not As Gentiles Eph 5:3-14.

Portrait Of A Wise Man Eph 5:15-21

The Filling Of The Holy Spirit Eph 5:18-20

The Christian Child Eph 6:1-3

The Christian Parent Eph 6:4

The Christian Employee Eph 6:5-7

The Christian Employer Eph 6:8-9

Spiritual Warfare Eph 6:10-20

Satan And His Strategy Eph 6:11-12

The Belt Of Truth Eph 6:14-20

 The Breastplate Of Righteousness Eph 6:14

The Shoes And Shield Eph 6:15-16

The Helmet Of Salvation Eph 6:17

Eternity to Eternity

The Planner and His Plan

Gods Plan for Time

God's Plan for Man

Gods Plan for Satan

God's Plan For Israel

God's Plan For Jesus Christ

God's Plan For The Church

God's Plan For The Future



Family Matters

Family Matters

Marks Of A Christian Marriage

Christian Husbands

Christian Wives

Christian Children

Training Your Children

The Family Altar




The Creation - The Prologue

The Six Days of Creation

The Creation of Man

The Story of the Fall - 1 - The Transgression

The Story of the Fall - 2 - The Judgment

The Story of the Flood - 1 - The Background

The Story of the Flood - 2 - The Record of the Flood

The Story of the Flood - 3 - The Sequel to the Flood

The Origin of the Nations

The Call of Abraham

Biblical Guidelines to Decision Making

Restoration of a Fallen Brother

The Greatest Miracle of All

One Step Ahead of God

The Call of Commitment

Intercessory Prayer at its Best

The Deterioration of a Righteous Man

The Failure of God's Friend

The Miracle of the New Birth

True Discipleship

Faith's Triumph in Life's Greatest Loss

Choosing a Life Partner

Two Roads and Two Destinies

Extraordinary Principles for Ordinary Christians

Attitudes Toward God's Revealed Will

Antidote for Discouragement

The Pain of Divine Discipline

The Peril of Reacting

Overcoming Fear

The Road to Reconciliation

Restoration of a Backslider

Only a Teenager

The Mystery of Divine Providence

The Temptation of Joseph

The Making of a Prime Minister

The Test of Prosperity

The Problem of A Guilty Conscience

The Values of Divine Discipline

The Nobility of True Forgiveness

A Greater Than Joseph

The Perfect Will of God

Marks of True Greatness

Heroes of Faith



Greatness Of Christ's Love Intro To Malachi

A Call To Commitment

A Call To Reflect

A Call To Be Real

A Call To Honor The Lord Mal 2:

A Call To Marriage Gods Style Mal 2:

A Call To Watchfulness Mal 2:17

A Call To Total Obedience Mal 3:7

A Call To Steadfast Endurance Mal 3:

A Call To Remember Mal 4:4

Marriage Divorce & Remarriage

Old Testament Account

New Testament Account

Practical Problems and Answers

The marks of a Christian Marriage

New Testament Survey



Luke and Acts



1 Corinthians and 2 Corinthians




Colossians and Philemon

1 Thessalonians and 2 Thessalonians

1 Timothy - 2 Timothy - Titus


1 Peter - 2 Peter

1 John - 2 John - 3 John

James - Jude



Old Testament Survey






Review Of Pentateuch


Judges - Ruth

1 Samuel - 2 Samuel

1 Kings

2 Kings

1 Chronicles

2 Chronicles





Psalms 01

Psalms 02


Ecclesiastes - Song Of Solomon


Jeremiah - Lamentations



Hosea - Joel

Amos - Obadiah

Jonah - Micah

Nahum - Habakkuk

Zephaniah - Haggai

Zechariah - Malachi

400 Silent Years




Paul's Prayer for the Philippians

Action or Reaction

The Transformation of Trials

The Mind of Christ

Unity  (Dr. Stanley Toussaint)

Christian Outlook

Legalism and Salvation

Legalism and Sanctification

Liberty But Not License

Ingredients of Christian Life

Mutual Investments in Servant of God


Prayer Our Most Profitable Business  1

Prayer Our Most Profitable Business 2

Prayer Our Most Perplexing Question

Prayer Our Most Pressing Need



Revelation  -  (Believers Chapel - 1974)

Introduction  - Rev 1:1-3

Symbolism in Revelation - Rev 1:1-3

Behold He Cometh  - Rev 1:4-6

The Vision of Christ  - Rev 1:9-20

The Church in Ephesus  - Rev 2:1-7

Smyrna and Pergamum  - Rev 2:8-29

Thyatira and Sardis  - Rev 2:1-7

Philadelphia and Laodicea (and Views of the Rapture)  - Rev 3:7-22

Four Views of the Rapture  

The Throne in Heaven  - Rev 4

The Seven Sealed Scroll  - Rev 5

The Chronology of the Judgments  - Rev 6-19

The Six Seals  - Rev 6

The 144,000  - Rev 7:1-8

The Immeasurable Multitude  - Rev 7:9-17  (Mr. William Elkins)

The Trumpets Began to Sound - Rev 8

The Fifth Trumpet  - Rev 9:1-12

The Sixth Trumpet  - Rev 9:13-21

The Little Book  - Rev 10

The Two Witnesses  -  Rev 11:1-13

The Seventh Trumpet  -  Rev 11:14-18

War in Heaven and on Earth  -  Rev 11:19 - 12:17

The Coming Antichrist  - Rev 13:1-10

The False Prophet  -  Rev 13:11-18

A Preview of Final Destinies  -  Rev 14  (Mr. Larry Finch)  - POOR QUALITY

Preparation  for Seven Bowl Judgments  -  Rev 15  (Mr. Larry Finch)

Seven Bowl Judgments  -  Rev 16

The Destruction of the Apostate Church  -  Rev 17

The Fall of Babylon  -  Rev 18

The Second Coming of Christ  -  Rev 19

The Millennium  -  Rev 20

The Eternal State  -  Rev 21-22





The Chief Book of the New Testament

The Righteousness of God

The Wrath of God

Evolution or Devolution

Principles of Divine Judgment

Religion without Salvation

The Defense Rest

The Divine Verdict

Justification by Grace

Justification by Blood

Justification by Faith

Apart from Human Works

Apart from Divine Ordinances

The Nature of True Faith - Part 1

The Nature of True Faith - Part 2

The Most Sought After Things

The Nature of God's Love

Two Men and Two Races

The Security of the Believer

The Reign of Grace

Sanctification, What is It?

Identification With Christ

The Reckoning that Counts

The Principle of Presentation

Contemporary Concepts of the Spiritual Life

Slaves of Righteousness

Release from the Law

The Struggle With Sin

Walking in the Spirit

The Indwelling of the Spirit

The Leading of the Spirit

Comfort in Suffering

The Certainty of Glory

Scriptures Greatest Theodicy

The Question of God's Justice

The Charge of Divine Injustice

The Responsibility of Man

Whosoever Will

Jews for Jesus

Total Commitment

Know Thyself

True Love

The Christian Citizen

Social Responsibility

No Time to Sleep

The Law of Liberty

The Law of Love

Like-mindedness' of Christ

Paul's Missionary Strategy

Making Plans

Prayer - A Divine Means

Paul's Praise and Warning

Romans in Retrospect



Security of the Believer

The Believer is Eternally Secure



Shadow of the Cross

King for a Day

The Peril of Profession

In The Critics Den

The Finished Work of Christ

The Supreme Sign

The Divine Plan for Peace



Sovereignty of God

The Sovereign Will of God

The Sovereign Will of God in Prayer

The Sovereign Will of God in Salvation

The Sovereign Will of God and Humanity



Spiritual Gifts

The Definition Of Spiritual Gifts

The Distribution Of Spiritual Gifts

The Distinction Of Spiritual Gifts

The Description Of Spiritual Gifts

The Discovery Of Spiritual Gifts

The Development Of Spiritual Gifts

Helping Others Develop Their Gift Spiritual Gift



The Attributes of God

The Nature Of God's Love-01

The Nature Of God's Love-02

God's Love Is Without Cause

The Knowledge Of God



The Christian and His Bible

Revelation and Inspiration

Canonicity - Part 1

Canonicity - Part 2

Textual Criticism and Translation


Contemporary Problems

Practical Purposes

The Creation of Man

Gen 1:

The Crowning Act



The Flood

The Background

The Record Of The Flood

Three Major Events In Sequel

Origin Of The Nations

The Nature of True Worship

Ex 15:1-21



The Priority of Love 1 Corinthians 11

The Priority of Love



The Holy Spirit in the 20th Century

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

The Illumination of the Holy Spirit

The Filling of the Holy Spirit

The Permanent Gifts of the Holy Spirit

The Gift of Tongues



The Making of a Christian Marriage

The Divine Design

The Divine Directive

The Criteria for Marriage

Frustration or Fulfillment

Principles for Solving Problems

So You are no Longer in Love



The Rapture

The Rapture , A Message of Comfort

The Rapture, A Message of Controversy

The Signs of the Second Coming

The Condition of Professing Christians

The Resurrection

The Resurrection of Christ



Upper Room Discourse

Moving to Higher Ground

The Basis of Fellowship

The Eleventh Commandment

The Measure of True Greatness


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